Charcuterie Diplomacy

4481705561_f97ffd9c7f_bWhen the Chinese President meets the French President, you would expect them to discuss the P5, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Airbus… in fact, one of the key issues of the visit was charcuterie. In France, even international relations express rurality.

As the Wall Street Journal puts it,

“The two leaders were in a celebratory mood over a historic breakthrough: the end of a Cold War on cold cuts”
To read the full article: 

Charcuterie (pronounce shar – cou – terie), typical French cooked meats such as saucisson, sausages or ham are part of the delicacies that the French like to pride themselves with. Ok… but the French pride themselves with most of their food so what’s the big deal?

China is the world largest pork consumer

China alone consumes more pork than the 28 countries of the European Union put together… and they don’t produce enough locally. They have thus become the Eldorado for pork farmers all over the world.

According to the Wall Street Journal Italy and spain are well ahead of France already as they have been able to enter the Chinese market earlier but the French never despair.

During his visit, the Chinese President visited the city of Lyon, famous for its pork dishes and was offered to taste charcuterie as many times as possible.

French Pork Wins 

On March 27, Minister of Agriculture Stephane Le Foll posted the following on Twitter:

French Excellency finally retributed. China opens its markets to French charcuterie. 

Agreements signed on exports: excellent news for French producers.

According to the agreements, 3 French companies have been allowed to export their cold cuts to the Chinese market. 18 other pork and chicken companies should follow soon.
The Chinese have also finalized the sanitary inspection of French pork production sites and have signed a protocole that will encourage further collaboration and exchange of genetic expertise between Chinese and French producers.


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